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Formed in 1983, CKL Technical has experienced considerable growth within the technical documentation industry. Initially formed as a graphics and illustration company to support the burgeoning aerospace industry in Hertfordshire, CKL Technical has grown to become one of the UK’s favoured technical publishing companies. CKL recognised the importance of digital data and became an early adopter. This has given us a solid understanding of digital publishing processes from authoring through translation to publishing.

Working with CKL

From our Hertfordshire-based office, we work with aerospace, automotive and engineering firms across the UK. The reason we’re chosen time and time again is because we’re as passionate about technology and innovation as the organisations we work for. We are constantly making improvements, not just to how we work, but to the services we can deliver. It doesn’t matter how far your project has progressed, we can help to add value at any stage.

For automotive clients, CKL can deliver advice and effective solutions for Euro 5 compliance.

Working with CKL for over a decade has been a true pleasure, I take great pride in the innovative technologies & projects we introduced at our joint OEM client.
CKL produces a sharp analysis of the challenges they are presented with, articulating a very clear vision of how to deliver improvement. They are able to obtain buy-in from various stakeholders, then delegate & follow-up like a pit-bull! Highly efficient, very persistent, fair and pleasant. I recommend CKL for any automotive techdoc program you need done correct, on-time and in-budget.

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