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If you need help producing an after-sales document, training manual, owner’s literature or any other relevant documentation, our team can help.

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Delivering precise documentation to industry leaders for nearly four decades

We’re experienced and we know how catastrophic even the smallest error could be for your business. Which is why we work closely with you to deliver the accuracy required to keep your customers, technicians or engineers informed. Our team can also advise you on the best solutions to create, refine and deliver your message.

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Don’t run the risk of producing or signing-off documents that aren’t fit for purpose.


Working with industry leaders, we understand the importance of lead times, accuracy and design.


High accuracy, fast turnaround times and native linguists deliver documents that are effective immediately.

Working with CKL for over a decade has been a true pleasure, I take great pride in the innovative technologies & projects we introduced at our joint OEM client.
CKL produces a sharp analysis of the challenges they are presented with, articulating a very clear vision of how to deliver improvement. They are able to obtain buy-in from various stakeholders, then delegate & follow-up like a pit-bull! Highly efficient, very persistent, fair and pleasant. I recommend CKL for any automotive techdoc program you need done correct, on-time and in-budget.

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I have known Martin for 30 years and more. I have known him in many roles. In all that time and in all those roles he has never been easy to work with and that’s because he is a challenger. He always seeks the best outcome, best value, and then looks for that added quality that improves the solution for the end users and customers.
Martin is a challenger in the positive sense, in a way that is hard work but truly satisfying, in a way that makes you think deeply and thoroughly, in a way that helps you grow.
Martin has strong professional integrity, and combined with his wealth of experience in the automotive world from the dealership workshop all the way up to the head office covering homologation, quality, technical publications and localisation, it would be hard to find a better ideas person to lead a change programme covering these topics.

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